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Why Photography? 

What is about photography that intrigues me? Is it something I want to professionally pursue? How long have I been photographing the world around me? 

I've always loved taking pictures. I've had a camera for as long as I could remember. Not to date myself, but my first camera was a disposable on. I still have a lot of those early, and often blurry, pictures in albums and scrapbooks. It's crazy to think how far photography has come. Now, one of my most used cameras lives in my phone.  


It wasn't until recently that I started exploring the photography world in a little more depth. I'm definitely an amateur, but I enjoy exploring this medium of art. I've taken a few classes, but mostly I just like to explore on my own time and learn as I go. 


We live in an ever changing world and one of my favorite things about photography is it's a way to capture a moment as it is at that time. Everything is always changing and sometimes it's nice to look back at a person, place or thing and remember them as they were at that moment in time. 

I think photography is such a beautiful art and can't wait to further explore it. My favorite things to photograph are animals (specifically my best bud and dog, Archer) and nature. 

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