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Kylee McCabe

Designer & Creator

Central Oregon Native
Dog Mom
Wondering Soul
Creator & Dreamer

Kylee is a Digital Media Communications graduate of Oregon State University (OSU), Go Beaves! She currently resides in beautiful Central Oregon where she recently started an exciting new career in Customer Relations for a small printing shop, after working for a sticker company for almost 6 years. 

Kylee's specialties are wedding suit designs, scenery painting and some amateur photography. She is also exploring the exciting new idea of tattoo design and hoping to soon expand all of her products into printable greeting cards, stickers and more (stay tuned!). When she's not working and creating, she loves exploring and traveling, hiking, camping, kayaking and spending time with her family, friends and beautiful golden retriever, Archer (showcased in her photography section).  She is also a plant and animal enthusiast that is always looking to expand her plant collection and make new furry friends. 

Kylee is passionate about mental and physical health, personal growth, human and animal rights, Veterans affairs and more. After suffering some devastating setbacks in 2020-2021, including an unexpected and painful divorce and the sudden loss of a close family member, she is currently on a journey to becoming her best self and is always looking for new growth opportunities, whether personally or professionally. She loves meeting new people, making new friends and learning about other's journeys to personal enlightenment. She is also working on some other projects in order to share her personal growth journey with the hope of being able to help others find their own ways to the best life has to offer.

If you would like to speak to Kylee about commissioning a painting, design project, tattoo or more, please contact her via the contact form on this site or via email or direct message on Instagram. 

email:           Instagram: @kmccabedesign.            Facebook: @kmccabedesign

Thank you for visiting the portfolio of Kylee McCabe. 
Stay tuned for new and exciting things coming soon!

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