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Mountain Sunrise

Acrylics Again, painting is my favorite pastime. I love seeing the colors blend together to create something new and beautiful. Mountains, sunsets and sunrises are my favorite things to paint.


Painting is by far my favorite medium of creation. It's so therapeutic and relaxing.

Jewelry Box
Flower Moon

Watercolor painting of a Tattoo Design I did for a friend. Love taking a drawing and turning it into a paint project.

Flowery Meadow

Acrylics- a flowery meadow beneath the Cascade mountains The mountains are one of my favorite subjects to paint. Can't wait to do more of these in the future.

Jail & Courthouse Rocks

Acrilyc painting of Jail & Courthouse Rocks near Bridgeport, Nebraska. This was a fun little project I did as a Christmas gift for my dad a few years ago. My dad is Nebraska born and raised and grew up just a few miles from this iconic Oregon Trail site. The view of the rock's from my Grandma's house is one of my favorites.

Coaster Set

A set of 6 coaster's. This was a Christmas gift to my parent's in 2021. Each one represents a different place we traveled to as a family. Top Left to Right: Oregon Coast; Disney Land; Camping in the Cascades Bottom Left to Right: Jail & Courthouse Rocks, Bridgeport, Nebraska; White Sand's National Park, New Mexico; Alaskan Glacier

Nebraska Coaster

Jail and Courthouse Rock in the Wheat Fields. Bridgeport, Nebraska

Oregon Coast Coaster

Oregon Coast

Camping Coaster

Camping in the Cascades

Alaskan Coaster

Glaciers in Alaska

Christmas Ornaments

Wood ornaments on Acrylic painted canvas

Christmas Cross

Painted cross ornament on acrylic painted canvas


Acrylic on glass plant holder

Twin Bridges, MT

Jewelry Box

Meadow Mountains

Acrylic on glass plant holder

Fiery Treeline


Cloudy Sunset over the Mountains

Acrylic on glass plant holder

Bird Feeder
Hipster Ariel

Watercolor Painting----what if the little mermaid was a hipster in modern times?

Snowy Mountains

Acrylic on glass plant holder

Rose Covered Dream Catcher

Acrylics This was another drawing turned painting. This was one of my first attempts at painting with acrylics. I think it would make an awesome tattoo someday too!

Sunset Trees

Acrylic on glass plant holder


A day fishing and painting on the shore of Prineville Reservoir near Prineville, OR.

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